Seth Green, Host Of The WWE Slammy Awards, Thinks Batista Is An ‘MMA Fighter’

Next Monday, actor and former Raw guest host Seth Green will host WWE’s annual Slammy Awards. He once teamed up with John Cena and Triple H to main-event Raw against Legacy and punched Cody Rhodes in the face. More than any of us, this should qualify him as a wrestling expert. At least someone vaguely familiar with it.

Green made an appearance on Ora TV’s Larry King Now to talk about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. Like most dorks, he believes the casting is all wrong. To illustrate why, he namedrops former WWE Champion and current Destroyer Dave Batista, referring to him as neither.

“I’m never going to play, um, you know, an MMA fighter, because I’d step into the ring with an actual MMA fighter like Batista and I wouldn’t look correct.”


1. Seth Green is an MMA elitist, and considers Batista’s 2012 TKO victory over can and possible homeless person Vince Lucero at CES MMA’s Real Pain important enough to overshadow the “pro wrestler” or “actor” parts.

2. Seth Green is a huge wrestling fan but didn’t start watching until Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn were gone, so Batista is the only guy who’s done MMA he can name.

3. Batista introduces himself to fellow actors as a former MMA fighter and never mentions pro wrestling, because he’d have to explain it and have that awkward conversation. I know how this feels. Sometimes somebody will stop me and be like “hey, cool shirt, what’s Kingston?” and I just say “a band” instead of “this independent pro wrestler who is sometimes good.”

4. Seth Green should not be making analogies.

At the very least, let’s go with number four.