Bryan Cranston Sat On A WWE Champion’s Lap On Broadway Without Even Knowing It


So this is kind of a random one, but stick with me. Bryan Cranston, best known as Walter White on Breaking Bad, is currently starring in a Broadway stage production of Network, based on the 1976 movie. That’s what he went on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night to discuss. As part of the play, Cranston goes out into the theatre and wedges himself between two audience members for an improvised conversation. Seth showed a photo of one such moment, and the audience member to his right was unmistakable to wrestling fans. Sure enough, Seth confirmed her identity by pointing out that she’d tweeted about the experience.

That’s right, Cranston was sitting between The Man Becky Lynch and her Dad, which Becky also discussed in her WWE 24 documentary, as seen in this clip:

Bryan Cranston clearly had no idea who Becky was, and was surprised when Seth revealed that she was a WWE wrestler, laughing and exclaiming “Are you… is that serious?” After quibbling over Becky’s definition of “lap,” they have this exchange:

Meyers: If there’s ever a time that you dodged serious injury… thank god she was willing to play along!
Cranston: Exactly right! Bodyslam!
Meyers: ‘I sat down in Row B and I ended up in J.’

Ironically Cranston had previously been talking about how he tries to avoid sitting with theatre students and people who want to be on TV, only to choose an ex-theatre student who’s on TV twice a week. And as for The Man, she tweeted a Breaking Bad pun for the occasion.

Here’s the full official clip from Late Night’s YouTube: