Seth Rollins Is A ‘Full-Sized Human Being’ Who Likes His Chances In A Fight With Conor McGregor

UFC fighter Conor McGregor, to whom wrestling definitely isn’t still real, has been on a tear as of late trash talking WWE Superstars, or as he likes to call them, “messed-up pussies.” But between his heated interviews and press conferences that make ECW look kinda tame, one WWE Superstar in particular has finally taken exception to McGregor’s constant berating of professional wrestling, while focusing on the showmanship of it: Seth Rollins.

During an ESPN interview, Raw’s No. 1 draft pick reminded McGregor that for all his trash talk, Rollins is “a full sized human being” and welcomes the opportunity to get in the ring with him. Being as Conor probably weighs less than most of the Crossfit props Rollins tosses around as a warm up to his workouts, this is an encounter I think we’d all be into seeing.

In the build to UFC 202, McGregor has come off more like an annoyance than a threat, and while most of the WWE roster has come back at him on Twitter, even CM Punk has pointed out that he’s just trying to troll professional wrestling. Sometimes it just takes someone with the confidence of Seth Rollins to smile and laugh a guy off. We’ve watched him rebuild his leg from injury and make a successful return to the ring. We’ve watched him steal the show over and over again, and now he’s cut what might be my favorite promo of the year.

Why are we supposed to boo Seth Rollins again?