Here’s The Clip Of That Crazy Fan Who Tried To Attack Seth Rollins On Monday Night Raw

If you missed this crazy scene on Monday’s edition of Raw, here’s Seth Rollins calling out The Demon King and going into “a trance” because WWE TV cameras don’t want to focus on the crazy fan who’d just run into the ring to attack him. Or walk around with him. Or dress up as him and stand behind him. Fans are pretty weird with the Shield guys.

Here’s the footage you didn’t see, courtesy of @JoseKB56. The live arena footage shows the fan being dragged out of the ring and taken to the ground with a pretty sweet headlock takeover. He’s held there while Rollins finishes the promo, leading to the lights going out and, presumably, the fan being escorted to the Upside Down.

(That’s what they call security beating you up.)

Check it out:

As a helpful reminder, WWE has promised to crack down on fans who jump the rail, so don’t do it. Even if they gave you a stern look and that was it, don’t do it. Stay in your seat, and leave the Demon Kingery to the professionals.