Watch Seth Rollins Explain His Injury During This Graphic Video Of His Knee Surgery

So, I don’t know about you, but I already miss Seth Rollins. While the New Day begs you to use your (preferably American) unicorn magic to help heal their fallen captain, let’s take a look at the thing that actually requires medical assistance to fix. Warning: It is legit a video of his knee surgery, it’s graphic, and it’s kinda gross.

If you don’t want to see someone get their knee cut open and surgically fiddled with, here’s how Seth Rollins describes his injury in the video:

Towards the close of the match, Kane was on the second rope and I was sunset flipping over top of him — something I’ve done a million times. When I flipped over and landed, for whatever reason, I landed on the right side of it instead of flat and my knee just caved in.

The injury is a torn ACL, torn MCL, and a damaged meniscus in my right knee. It’s going to be a six to nine-month recovery. I’ve never had this much time off from WWE, or wrestling in general, so it’s going to be, like, an entirely new process for me. It’s a drastic change.

Rollins’ doctor goes on to explain that this is a ‘high-level injury,’ which… man, this is all very depressing. Well, except the rapid edit away from showing the former NXT hopeful Zahra Schreiber (you know, that one) in a WWE video. That’s kind of hilarious.