Seth Rollins Is Rehabbing His Knee Five Hours A Day, Is Recovering Ahead Of Schedule

WWE posted a video update on former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins following the brutal injury that put him on the shelf for the next six to nine months. Rollins tore his ACL, tore his MCL and damaged the meniscus in his right knee, and besides this clip of him explaining what happened, we haven’t gotten many updates.

The good news is that Rollins appears to be in good spirits, and is coming into therapy twice a day, meaning he’s working on rehabbing his knee up to five hours per day. According to his doctor, that’s put Rollins ahead and schedule regarding a return and, more important, a healthy, functional knee. Rollins says that sometimes he finds himself being able to do things in the afternoon he couldn’t do in the morning. Maybe he absorbed some of John Cena’s mutant healing powers when he kneed him in the face back in July.

With the plague of injuries facing WWE’s roster in 2015, getting back the Undisputed Future of the company sooner rather than later would be a plus. Let’s hope Rollins continues to heal up at a surprising rate, and can be 100 percent by next summer. Or hey, maybe a miracle will happen and we’ll end another WrestleMania with a Surprise Architect.