WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Will Be Out Of Action For 6-9 Months

Either Reddit’s Cesaro fans got a bunch of WWE Superstar voodoo dolls that are working way too well, or WWE is having the worst streak of luck ever. Currently, they’ve got no John Cena, and no Randy Orton, and now they’ll be without their WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Seth Rollins looked to have tweaked his knee last night during a WWE Live event in Dublin. He finished out the match, but couldn’t put any weight on it, and had to be helped to the back once it was over. Now, WWE.com is confirming that everything IS SO MUCH WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has torn his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus, and will not be able to defend the title against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. A tournament to determine a new champion will instead take place at the event.

They go on to say that Rollins will be out a decidedly not nice six to nine months. Plans for the tournament participants are still in the works, but at this point, we can only assume it just says ROMAN REIGNS and then a bunch of question marks.

It’s hard to be unbiased and not just straight up say “oh man, this sucks and I’m sad,” but guys… oh man, this sucks and I’m sad. Get well soon, you prince of two-toned hair, you king of making me think I should try CrossFit.

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