Nobody Had A Better (Or More NSFW) Reaction To Seth Rollins’ WWE Return Than This Kid

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06.10.16 9 Comments

On Wednesday, we brought you a heart-warming tale of a young fan who experienced pure wrestling emotion. It was a story that warmed the cockles of the soul and made you want to ride a unicorn on a moonbeam to Rainbow City, where you’d lounge on a gumdrop and whisper a secret to a kitten. Today’s story has a lot of cussing!

Look, we love this kid’s enthusiasm and we love that he did a sustained dance when Seth Rollins shows up at the end of Extreme Rules to Pedigree Roman Reigns. Pure wrestling emotion takes many forms. Sometimes, you just want AJ Styles to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship so badly that you fling a big stuffed teddy bear around while dropping ample F-bombs and nearly break your glasses in the process.

The fun thing to do in this clip — which has our subject really, really REALLY wanting Roman Reigns to lose this match — is to imagine that this kid is the living embodiment of every snarky internet wrestling comment you read on a given Monday night. Right down to this pre-teen complaining about Vince McMahon’s booking when Roman hits that last fateful spear.

Wednesday’s story and this story have some things in common, but some key fundamental differences that make this a fascinating story in contrasts.

Look, I’ll level with you: we basically just can’t stop thinking about how there’s no way in hell any of us would ever get away with that much wrestling-based living room cussin’.

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