Kenny Omega Views Seth Rollins’ New Finisher As A Compliment

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05.04.17 8 Comments

People who have been following the career of Seth Rollins have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking and talking about his finishing moves. Arguably his most well-known finisher, the Curb Stomp, got banned back in 2016 and was even edited out of DVD releases. He then adopted the Pedigree after being taken under Triple H’s wing, but when he finally vanquished H at WrestleMania 33, many fans assumed he would retire the move. They were right!

After a couple weeks of waiting, Rollins gave us his new finisher, the Kingslayer (a move with which he did not slay the canonical king). It’s a wrist lock spun out into a jumping high knee (shout out to the Bootyman), and fans pretty much immediately recognized the move as one Kenny Omega used in his vaunted six-star match against Kazuchika Okada back in January.

Omega’s move in the context of that match was a combination of his own V-Trigger knee strike (which was initially a parody of Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa — or Bomaye if you’re nasty) and Okada’s setup for his Rainmaker finisher. But since we all know Rollins watches tape of Omega probably all the time, it’s easy to figure out where he got the inspiration for the Kingslayer.

When the move made its debut on Raw, Omega made some jokes about it on Twitter, then had to clarify he was joking.

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