Seth Rollins Reciting Lines From ‘Mean Girls’ Will Get You Hyped For SummerSlam

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins faces 15-time World Champion and current United States Champion on Sunday at SummerSlam in a “winner takes all” champion vs. champion match, but first he’s gonna stop by The Yahoo Movie Show and read lines from Mean Girls. Yep. I don’t care why this exists, but Seth Rollins as Regina George is perfect, and WWE should go forward calling him WWE’s “Queen Bee.”

You also get Rollins singing songs from The Lion King, doing a pretty great Forrest Gump impression and gently mangling a Back to the Future quote. It’s not severe, but it’s enough to make you want Dean Ambrose to hop out of somebody’s trunk and attack him with cinderblocks. There’s also a line read from Notting Hill that will make you want to never, ever see Seth Rollins in a romantic lead.

As a bonus, Rollins continues the “blazer and jeans” look Brock Lesnar busted out on SportsCenter. Is that the new wrestler fashion staple? Are a blazer and jeans the new fanny pack and Zubaz pants? If Vince McMahon shows up to next year’s Hall of Fame ceremony in a pair of JNCOs, we’ll know we’re past the point of no return.