Seth Rollins Got Interviewed On SportsCenter As ESPN Increases Their WWE Coverage

The joke when Jonathan Coachman joined the ESPN team was always, “what, is SportsCenter going to start covering Raw?” 7 years later, SportsCenter is going to start covering Raw.

ESPN is upping their pro graps coverage after a successful SummerSlam, and Coach offered this explanation:

The Coach, whose WWE career accolades include wrestling Shawn Michaels on Raw and being humiliated by The Rock for enjoying the music of Barry Manilow, interviewed WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins about everything from age restrictions in college sports (he’s against them) to that time he called Johnny Manziel “Johnny Idiot Face.”

The highlight is Coach asking Rollins what he thinks about Chase Utley breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg with a dirty slide. Rollins tries to be as diplomatic as possible about every answer, even walking that line between “real” and “fake” with his “we try to take care of each other in the ring” talk, but ultimately goes full heel and says Utley did what he had to do to win playoff baseball. If Utley wants to go full Seth Rollins, he has to complain about being put into games, then lose.

Here’s the interview, via ESPN. We can only hope the next WWE SportsCenter segment is a 30 For 30 about Heath Slater not getting a Untied States title shot.

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