WWE’s Shane McMahon Was Involved In A Helicopter Crash

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.19.17 30 Comments

WWE’s Shane McMahon was one of two people involved in the emergency crash landing of a helicopter on Wednesday morning. The first thing you need to know before reading on is that this is Shane McMahon, the guy who jumped off the Hell in a Cell, so he’s fine.

Via ABC 7 Eyewitness News:

A small helicopter with two people aboard made a crash landing in the waters off of Gilgo Beach, the FAA says.

Emergency responders picked up the two people who were aboard and ferried them to shore safely. The people on board were wearing life jackets and were uninjured, Suffolk County Police report. NYPD Aviation and SCUBA units also responded and assisted in the rescue.

Here’s a clip of Shane being interviewed after the accident, featuring the two important questions, “were you nervous,” and, “are you Vince McMahon’s son?”

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