Watch Shane McMahon Make His Shocking Return To WWE Raw

♫ Here comes the moneeeyyyy ♫

Monday’s episode of Raw opened with the presentation of the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award, a Mr. Burns-esque trophy awarded by Vince McMahon to his daughter, Stephanie. What started as an excuse for The Authority to congratulate itself turned into a moment WWE fans will never forget: the shocking return of Shane McMahon, Shane O’ Mac, to WWE after a six year absence.

Shane — famous for stepping into the ring and accomplishing dangerous feats against Kurt Angle, Steve Blackman, Test, Kane and others — left the company in 2010 to pursue his own business interests. Shane returned to confront Vince and Stephanie about the job they’ve been doing running the company, and … man, we can talk about where the WWE storyline goes all night — and we will — but play that video again. Listen to the crowd response. Watch him tear up when the crowd absolutely can’t stop “yes” chanting and cheering for him. That’s an incredible moment.

(Shane O’ Mac revealed that a few years ago, he cut a deal with his father that allowed him to take time off and build some businesses … but he never “lost his place in line.” He wants control of Monday Night Raw and WWE. Vince will give him what he wants if he wins one match on one night. It’s the Undertaker. At WrestleMania. Inside Hell in a Cell. Welcome to WrestleMania season, ladies and gentlemen. Finally.)