Tommy Dreamer And Bully Ray Want Shane McMahon To Fight In UFC For Some Reason

Shane McMahon has no problems taking physical abuse in or around the wrestling ring. We know this because over his career we’ve seen McMahon take hellacious bumps by way of jumping off of the TitanTron and leaping off of Hell in a Cell through an announcer’s table and various other insane stunts.

No one that’s watched his work in the ring could possibly question McMahon’s toughness, but could he succeed in mixed martial arts? If you ask the right people, yes. Bully Ray Dudley and Tommy Dreamer are of the opinion that Shane O’Mac should try going to UFC and that if he did, he’d do quite well. The two former WWE Superstars were asked by TMZ Sports about McMahon as a wrestler, and raved about his toughness and persistence, ultimately saying that he should give UFC a shot.

Bully Ray: “Maybe not a wrestler in the traditional sense of the word, but Shane is really great at creating that ‘holy shit’ moment. Shane’s crazy…Shane goes out there to steal the show all the time. Shane wants to do the craziest stunts ever — he jumped off the Titantron. He’s nuts. He legitimately wants to just do the craziest thing.”

Tommy Dreamer: “Technically sound. Shane is very, very good. If you watched his WrestleMania match with A.J. Styles it was a real, real good match. I also think Shane doesn’t get enough credit, because he doesn’t have to do that to his body and does. I also think the world should have Shane McMahon enter UFC, because he is a real badass and he would fare well in UFC. There’s a lot of guys that like to talk smack like a Conor McGregor. I would love to see Shane McMahon go to UFC because I think he would choke some dudes out or knock them out.”

BR: “There’s no doubt that Shane could handle it. Shane is like that rabid pit bull that will fight until the death. Even if we’re backstage and just kidding around and horse playing and wrestling in the back, he has to win every single contest. You are not going to keep him down. You’re going to have to kill him to beat him.”

I understand what they’re trying to say about his toughness and mentality as a fighter, but come on, guys. McMahon is a 47-year-old man that wrestles about as regularly as MMA fighters compete. Hopefully, Shane O’Mac simply takes the compliment from his friends as just that and doesn’t listen to this as legitimate career advice. Also, he makes a handsome salary with WWE, so it’s not like he’s hurting for an extra payday.