Shawn Michaels Is WWE’s New Colonel Sanders, For Some Reason

Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was still just in the Kickoff Show stage when the WWE Network audience and live crowd were treated to one of the most wonderfully bizarre KFC commercials, possibly ever.

In keeping with the theme of the revolving door of new Colonels Sanders in KFC’s commercials (including that legendary fan favorite commercial where a Dolph Ziggler version of the Colonel battles the Miz in a chicken suit), WWE Superstars showed up to audition and brawl for the role of the Colonel.

That commercial bled into a glorious treat for the crowd, as the one true Colonel Sanders revealed himself. Shawn Michaels’ music blared throughout the Barclays Center, and HBKFC himself skipped out decked out in the trademark white … everything of Sanders.

Michaels’ turn as the Colonel didn’t last long, but it was a true head-scratcher of a moment that got the crowd pumped. KFC didn’t even have to hire a Ric Flair impersonator this time around, so they’re probably way out ahead on the deal.

A million points awarded to WWE for this bit, and only minus a few points for not getting Vince McMahon decked out in a white goatee and string bowtie. Everyone wants to see that, guys, come on.