Sheamus Missed WWE’s Recent Australian Tour And May Be Out With A Concussion

Well folks, you may have to save your “You look stupid” chants for a while (or, you know, just use them on John Cena) because word is Sheamus might be out with a concussion.

Despite being advertised, Sheamus missed WWE’s tour of Australia this past week. He also didn’t make the Smackdown tapings. Sheamus addressed the situation with a vague tweet

Well, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Sheamus is either suffering from a concussion, or concussion-like symptoms and is being given time off as precaution. Since this news came out, eagle-eyed fans have been looking for the cause of the injury, and the consensus seems to be it happened during Raw’s six-man main event. If you watch the match closely, something seems to happen to Sheamus while he’s brawling outside with Roman Reigns halfway through the match. For the rest of the match Sheamus appears to be out-of-sorts, with officials checking with him frequently.

Of course, concussions are a serious issue in today’s WWE, with the careers of stars like Daniel Bryan and Christian in serious jeopardy due to fluke head injuries, so this could be the start of a longer story. Here’s hoping for an problem-free recovery for Sheamus.

(Via Wrestling Inc. and Wrestling Observer)