Sheamus Got Cesaro A Birthday Cake, And It Ended Exactly How You Expected

As we move through the weird part of the week in between Christmas and New Year’s (the holiday taint, if you will), news is slow, and everyone is reaching the full extent of their exhaustion with 2016. Like, except for the people furiously tweeting at others to stop personifying years, we can all agree that the past year has been pretty much wretched from start to finish.

That said, WHO WANTS TO WATCH CESARO WEAR A CAKE FOR A HAT?? F*cking everyone, that’s who.

Current Raw Tag Team Champions and reluctant BFF Forever Sheamus and Cesaro have gone from dysfunctional to just plain fun, and I for one welcome our goofy musclebound overlords. Cesaro celebrated his birthday this past Tuesday, and ever the thoughtful tag partner/newfound platonic life mate, Sheamus thought that “Cesar” could use a fancy birthday hat.

If we’re being totally honest, while this can never replace the majesty that was the bromance between Cesaro and Tyson Kid, it’s a pretty damn good stop gap. To wit — here’s Cesaro bringing Kidd balloons after his neck surgery:

Here he is reminding Natalya that her husband pretty much loves him more than he loves her:

Okay wow yeah nothing can really come close to these two, huh?


via Reddit