WWE’s Sheamus Has Taken His Love Of ‘Rick And Morty’ To The Next Level

If you’ve been on the internet at any point in the past couple of years, you’ve found it isn’t hard to run across people being extremely vocal about their love of and admiration for Rick and Morty. If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty yet … then what the heck is your problem, man? It’s pretty much the best.

One gentleman who agrees that Rick and Morty rules might just be the greatest show of all time might also be the biggest fan of the series. Literally! WWE’s Sheamus has long been a very outspoken superfan. He’s even hung out with series co-creator Justin Roiland on several occasions.

And Sheamus even got to record an alternate commentary track for the Rick and Morty season two home video release. Oh, and he also worked a Rick and Morty reference into an episode of WWE Raw. (h/t Reddit)

Sheamus even got name-dropped on a recent episode of the Harmontown podcast by Community creator and Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, who said the Celtic Warrior is the only pro wrestler he knows, solely because of Sheamus’ fandom.

But at Sunday’s No Mercy pay-per-view, Sheamus kicked things up a notch by updating his ring entrance gear to include an homage to the series: a new patch featuring the one and only Pickle Rick.

If you’re not hip to the Pickle Rick business, again, you gotta check out the show. But please, PLEASE, if you HAVEN’T seen Rick and Morty yet, PLEASE DO NOT START WITH “PICKLE RICK.” This has been a public service announcement.

Bonus points for Sheamus if he gets his first-ever tattoo, and the only blemish on his perfect, gleaming porcelain skin is a big tattoo of Pickle Rick.