Sheamus Hated Where He Was Picked In 2016 WWE Draft

Sheamus has reinvented himself in the last year as a tag team wrestler. After having a rivalry with Cesaro last summer, the two men were put together as a tag team by then Raw General Manager Mick Foley. Since then, they went on to win the Raw Tag Team Titles two times and are the current champions after taking the titles from the Hardys at Extreme Rules. Sheamus has stayed true to his heel nature the entire time while Cesaro turned heel a few months ago to join him on the dark side.

Recently, Sheamus was on the Talk is Jericho podcast hosted by Chris Jericho with Cesaro as another guest. Here are some comments talking about the team with Cesaro and the frustration from last year’s WWE draft. Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

“It started with the draft, mate. It all started with the draft, after the draft. Well, it was weird because, like, what happened was Cesaro came back from the injury on fire, right? And I’m not just saying this because you’re here, but, like, to me, it was the most innovative comeback, the most exciting comeback. He came back on fire. I was coming off of that League Of Nations thing after being world champ. And then, we did the draft and we were the second last and last pick [for RAW] and I remember sitting there as the draft is going on, thinking ‘am I even going to be drafted on TV? This is absolute bulls–t!'”

Strong language from the Celtic Warrior, but can you blame him? Sheamus was the 30th pick in the draft, which was the last pick shown on television. Cesaro was picked 28, so he was the second last pick on the Raw side. Sheamus is a four-time WWE Champion that held the WWE Title as recently as December 2015. It’s weird that a guy that was a main event talent in the eyes of a lot of people would fall so far. The pick before Sheamus at 29 was Alberto Del Rio, who probably hated that number as well and left the company soon after.

Sheamus also talked about having a lot of respect for Cesaro before they became a team.

“We had a lot of respect for each other. I don’t think we were super close or anything, but we’re both Europeans, kind of the same background, and we get here. From wrestling each other enough, we both definitely had a lot of respect. Do you know what I mean? I think there has always been a competition between us and that’s a great thing because you always want to try to one up each other.”

Now that Cesaro is heel, they don’t argue much anymore. Sheamus was a fan of that, though, and he loved the crowd reaction.

“It [has] definitely been an evolution from when we started, but even when we were tagging, there was that thing of like the odd couple kind of fighting each other and we wanted to push it. We didn’t get the opportunity to push it as much as we wanted because you have a segment and it’s taken away. Do you know what I mean? And so, like, people were enjoying it. Do you remember the boo/yay stuff? The boo/yay stuff was great!”

I’m not sure about great, but it was fun. The problem with Raw’s tag division right now is the lack of face tag teams. They have the Hardys and not much else. I’m glad that Sheamus and Cesaro have formed a successful team, but I worry about tag teams on both brands because the creative team seems more interested in breaking them up too early rather than letting them team up long term.