Shed A Tear At This ‘In Memoriam’ Video For The WWE Future Endeavors Class Of 2014

We lost a lot of great talent in 2014, and aside from the multiple songs dedicated to JTG we haven’t found a fitting way to say goodbye. That happens today, with this delightful and oddly touching ‘In Memoriam’ tribute to everyone who left WWE last year.

The power of the video is that it starts and ends as goofy as possible, but somewhere in the middle (around Vickie Guerrero, for me) you realize you’re watching a pretty incredible list of talent just wither and blow away in the wind. That’s depressing. Some of them are doing well in other places, but they’ll never really be “them” again. At least we don’t think they will.

Let’s be a little more gentle on our roster this time, 2015.