Shelton Benjamin’s WWE Return Will Be Put On Hold Due To A Shoulder Injury

On the first episode of Smackdown after WWE’s brand split, a video package aired which announced the return of former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. Despite being 41, Benjamin can still go, and pretty much everyone was excited to see what he would be able to do with the young talent that the Smackdown brand has to offer. Unfortunately, it appears as though that return will have to wait, as Benjamin announced on his Twitter page that he wouldn’t be coming back to the company after all because of a shoulder injury that requires surgery.

It’s surprising WWE didn’t catch the severity of Benjamin’s shoulder injury before it started hyping his return, but both the company and Benjamin himself must have thought he was good to go until some recent development proved otherwise. There’s always a chance we’re being worked (bro) but it seems highly unlikely.

If indeed Benjamin isn’t coming back, it’s a huge blow to Smackdown, as he would have would have boosted the weak mid-card of the blue brand. I was already looking forward to his potential feuds with Apollo Crews, AJ Styles, and American Alpha, so this really sucks. Hopefully, WWE will still be interested in bringing him back once he returns to 100 percent health.