Shocking Follow-Up: The Fans Who Jumped In The Ring At SmackDown Are YouTube Pranksters

Yesterday, we shared video of a bunch of fans jumping into the ring and doing Rock Bottoms to each other at the beginning of this week’s SmackDown main-event, and typed this:

Which British prank show I’ve never heard of are these guys from? That’s the only explanation for why Cena didn’t just pounce one of them and beat them to death.

The answer: ‘Trollstation,’ a YouTube channel with hilarious pranks like pretending to have ebola and pretending to have a period. Per the above video (via Facebook), this prank was to “lay the smack down on SmackDown” and to have a “Royal Rumble.”

So, everything in wrestling’s a work. If you see it or hear about it, it’s not on the level. If you’re an actual fan and you’re actually jumping in the ring, Cesaro’s gonna drop a knee on the back of your neck and punch you until security drags you out of the building.