Sid Vicious Thinks Business Must Be Bad If Kevin Owens Is A WWE World Champion

Senior Editor, Sports
08.22.17 26 Comments


WWE made a lot of fans very happy last year when they finally elevated longtime cult favorite Kevin Owens to the level of world champion by bestowing him with the vacated Universal Championship. Owens has long had his detractors among the pro wrestling establishment, mostly because he doesn’t look like a pro wrestling world champ has typically looked. Most notably, Owens has a longstanding public feud with his former Ring of Honor boss, Jim Cornette.

It looks like you can add another old-timer to the list of people who don’t think Owens is a worthy world title holder. Sid Vicious, also known as Sid Justice and Sycho Sid in WWE, spoke with Hannibal TV and was asked a fairly loaded question about how he feels about an “overweight guy in a T-shirt” becoming world champ. He just shook his head before answering.

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