Sin Cara’s Latest Injury Wasn’t As Bad As Initially Feared

Right as WWE’s latest European tour kicked off, word came in that Sin Cara had suffered another injury. The character of Sin Cara, it seems, just can’t stay healthy. Although by all accounts the man under the mask is one of the most stand-up dudes in pro wrestling, and just had a line of swank Reebok gear come out, there’s no denying that Sin Cara hasn’t had the best luck in the world.

I mean, I didn’t say that there’s some sort of a “Sin Cara Curse.” You must have heard that somewhere else. Or maybe your own brain inferred it. Who am I to say?

At any rate, when Sin Cara confirmed on Twitter that he had suffered a knee injury while wrestling a Triple Threat match against Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn in Spain, we all sort of steeled ourselves for a prognosis that he’d be out of action for some time. After all, what would be more classically in keeping with what we know about Sin Cara than for him to be on the shelf indefinitely right after signing a new contract and getting one of the biggest pushes of his career? That photo of his injury certainly looked pretty gnarly.

Amazingly, we’re actually getting some good news for a change. F4WOnline is reporting that not only is the knee injury a minor one, but Sin Cara has already been cleared to return to action.

Sin Cara ended up only missing one event: the Lisbon, Portugal live event that he apologized to fans for missing in his initial tweet confirming his injury.

It was already announced at the Smackdown Live taping on Tuesday that Corbin and Sin Cara will have another match on next week’s Smackdown, which is the go-home show for Survivor Series. Sadly for Sin Cara, he missed the boat on the whole “surprise title change while the company is overseas” trend that seems to be going on right now. Better luck next time, buddy.