So, What The Hell Is Going On With #WWETransformed?

WWE isn’t great at being cryptic. Over the last ten years or so, the only answers to cryptic photos, videos or tweets have been, “it’s Chris Jericho,” or, “it’s the Undertaker.” That’s it. There’s always an IT’S STING element, but a video game pre-order bonus is the closest that’s ever come to being true.

The hashtag #WWETransformed made its debut on @WWE on Wednesday, accompanied by an image that got people talking. If you missed it:

There seemed to be two schools of thought:

1. It had something to do with WWE getting a new logo, because that would “transform” some aspect of the company, and a new logo/championship belt are confirmed and expected after SummerSlam.

2. It had something to do with Bray Wyatt, because he’s the “eater of worlds,” and the graphic is the world with a bite taken out of it. Plus, he transformed into a creepy butcher character once during his run on NXT.

Also, The Undertaker and Sting. Chris Jericho was left out of the conversation because he’s already back, but hey, maybe they’re teasing his NEXT post-vacation return.

WWE elevated the conversation with a followup tweet on Wednesday, and … well … it sure doesn’t look like it’s about a logo.

Now there are a thousand possible solutions, including:

– A new logo still, somehow
– A Bray Wyatt repackaging
– A Kane repackaging
– The Undertaker returning with hair like a member of Slipknot
– Sting, still, because it’s always Sting
– An entirely brand new character

My theory is that the bad art style suggests it has something to do with the WWE Superstars comic book. WWE experimented with having a non-wrestling bad guy in Slam City, so why not here? Especially if they’re doing a proposed ‘Secret Wars’ style legends vs. current superstars story. That needs a Beyonder, right? Besides, if this was a thing that was important to WWE TV, wouldn’t it be, you know, on TV?

Who knows. We’ll keep you updated no matter where it goes.