Stephanie McMahon Confirmed That WWE Has Officially Retired The Term ‘Diva’

WrestleMania 32 gave us a slew of standout moments. I mean, it felt like it lasted for three days, they certainly had enough time to. Though the end to an already exhausting show left many fans wanting, this WrestleMania will stand out in history for giving us one of the most important steps forward for women in wrestling thus far: retiring the Divas Championship.

Though it was announced in a press release handed out during the show, a new piece by Stephanie McMahon at The Players Tribune confirms that all performers will now be referred to by the blanket term ‘Superstars’:

Our female performers are world-class athletes, actors, public speakers and philanthropists. They’re role models, inspiring and empowering women and girls to be confident and strong. They dedicate themselves to WWE, achieve great success and earn the same respect as their male counterparts.

Therefore, from this point forward, all of our performers – male and female – will be known as “Superstars.”

WWE is great at platitudes, and taking your feelings and selling them back to you in a way that makes you believe their intent is genuine. Their track record with women — even just at WrestleMania alone — is abysmal, and already an argument against everything she’s saying. According to Stephanie, in WWE, “it isn’t about gender, race or ethnicity. It is simply about being the best at what you do.” Hmm. Well, Steph, it’s a nice sentiment, but WWE has got a long way to go before we believe it.

Still, a new belt and flat-out saying their female superstars are equal to their male counterparts is a great place to start. Let’s hope they keep it up, and can live up to the lofty expectations they’ve just set for themselves.

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