Stephanie McMahon Believes WWE And Ronda Rousey Would Be ‘A Match Made In Heaven’

It’s been three months since Ronda Rousey’s UFC comeback attempt was shut down by women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes in a quick and violent 48 seconds, and people are starting to get real twitchy waiting to learn what comes next for the 30 year old Olympic judo medalist. And while it doesn’t sound like there’s any kind of talks going on between Rousey and her friends at the WWE, Stephanie McMahon made it clear on the latest episode of the His & Hers show that the door is always open for Ronda.

“I would love to add Ronda Rousey!” McMahon said. “I know that she loves WWE and we certainly love her, so it would be a match, no pun intended, made in heaven. So hopefully one day we’ll have that opportunity.”

We’ve already gotten a taste of Ronda Rousey’s pro wrestling chops from WrestleMania 31 in 2015 when she judo tossed Triple H across the ring like a sack of potatoes with the help of The Rock. That moment earned her a ‘This Is Awesome’ Moment Of The Year Slammy, so I guess you could say it went over pretty well at the time. And while some have opined that the WWE would have a hard time putting Rousey over following her last two devastating losses in the Octagon, fellow WWE employee and women’s wrestling superfan Paul Heyman thinks differently.

“I think the WWE audience would embrace Ronda Rousey with open arms,” he said in a recent podcast interview. “It doesn’t matter, her past two experiences in the UFC. All that matters is if she got involved in a story that people could relate to and sink their teeth into and get excited about.”

At this point, we’d get excited for any peep of Ronda Rousey’s future plans. Case in point: all it took was the news that Rousey was working with a new trainer to set the internet alight with hope that she may fight again. But we’re down for pretty much anything, be it surprise WWE appearances or more schlocky battles in movies like Fast & Furious.