Stephanie McMahon And Joel McHale Ran Smack At Each Other Via Twitter At The Super Bowl

So, as I understand it, there was a major American sporting event this weekend. A bowl of some kind. A Super Bowl if you will. Well, thankfully for our purposes here, this weird football stuff crossed over with the wonderful world of pro wrestling, as Stephanie McMahon and Triple H attended the game and generally acted like a couple of dorks about the whole thing.

Here’s Triple H and Steph making their way to the game on a bus, just like regular folk!

Here’s Steph demonstrating her inability to do a non-weird smile.

Further weird smiles and dorkery.

Triple H threatening to punch Mark Feuerstein’s tiny child.

It wasn’t all weird smiles and mugging though, Steph also got into it with Joel McHale, star of some sitcom called Community. Doubt anybody on Uproxx has heard of it. Aaaaanyway, the two exchanged some heavy snark fire over wardrobes and the footballs.

Well, I guess we know who came out on top of this little battle. You were fighting out of your weight class, Joel.

via Wrestling Inc. here & here