Stephanie McMahon Claims 40 Percent Of WWE’s Audience Is Women

WWE’s “Women’s Revolution” is more than just an easily-digestible buzzword to describe WWE’s transition from hair-pulling, face-slapping Divas to impressive in-ring competition. While the term is a little dismissive to some of the fantastic female wrestlers that graced WWE television prior to whatever specific date you want to claim the revolution started, it’s hard to argue that WWE’s women’s division isn’t the best its ever been.

It’s unclear how much the success of the women’s division has affected WWE’s audience demographic, but Stephanie McMahon made some pretty surprising claims in her appearance on Lorraine, a talk show you may not have heard of before, that airs every weekday on ITV at 8:30 AM.

McMahon claims that 40 percent of WWE’s audience is women, and while that isn’t unbelievable, it is kind of surprising. The live audience isn’t necessarily indicative of the people viewing at home, but you probably wouldn’t guess that 40 percent of WWE’s audience is women if you’re just going by what you see on TV every week.

Stephanie would also go on to reveal that WWE is the second-most viewed YouTube channel in the world, which is an impressive feat when you consider the fact that pretty much every entity has a YouTube channel these days. WWE out-views the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and ESPN, to name a few.

You can watch her full appearance on Lorraine below:

On her role as a powerful woman in entertainment, McMahon added “Well, my character is the boss. I use my power at any given chance. And women are a force to be reckoned with! There is now a women’s only tournament, which is part of this whole women’s revolution, where women have gone from lesser roles to becoming the main events at shows. They have taken the world by storm. Women are forces of nature that have been stealing the show – as women often do!”

Despite McMahon’s praise, WWE still has a lot of work to do within its women’s division. The Mae Young Classic was excellent, but for whatever reason, NXT continues to do its women’s wrestling better than any of WWE’s main programming. With Asuka coming to SmackDown soon, though, business is about to pick up.

(H/T to WrestlingInc)