Stephen Amell Revealed What He’s Wearing To Wrestle At SummerSlam, And It’s Perfect

“You didn’t think I was coming without it, did you?”

After months of trying to get a guest hosting job and teasing an involvement with WWE, Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 star Stephen Amell finally jumped into the ring on Raw to take on pro wrestling’s comical, cosmic villain Stardust. That set up a tag team match for SummerSlam — Amell and Neville vs. Stardust and King Barrett — he’s been in training ever since.

One of the big questions for fans has been, “what’s he going to wear when he competes?” Amell answers that question in the above video, shared on Facebook late Thursday night. It’s him packing for SummerSlam, putting over the quality thickness of Nike’s socks and namedropping the Toronto Blue Jays. Also, you know, he reveals his boots and hood (oh sh*t) for Sunday. It’s sure to make Arrow fans happy, and gets us one step closer to my fantasy booked finish of Stardust getting shot with a boxing glove arrow.

This is the kind of celebrity WWE should be working with more often. He’s micromanaging two fandoms, getting a bunch of superhero TV show fans excited about a wrestling event that normally wouldn’t be on their radar, and vice versa.

(I’m gonna laugh if he wrestles in the Blue Jays top, though.)