Stephen Amell Commented On His WWE Debut, And Whether Or Not The Feud With Stardust Is Over

Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 star Stephen Amell impressed the wrestling world when he stood toe-to-toe with Stardust and (Cosmic) King Barrett in a tag-team match at WWE SummerSlam, and impressed them even more when he dove from the top rope to the floor to help his team win. Neville was able to hit Barrett with a Red Arrow and get the pin. Amell and Stardust’s beef set up the match, but neither was involved in the decision. So does that mean the beef’s still going, or what?

Rich Brennan caught up with Amell backstage after the victory to ask him about how it felt to step into a WWE ring. He talks about the value of stopping to take a breath, comments on how it felt getting thrown around by King Barrett and says he “can’t tell” if he and Stardust are done.

“The only thing is is that … you know, this went on for a while, me and Stardust. I don’t know if it … I don’t know if it’s over, I don’t know yet, I can’t tell.”

Is that our first hint at Arrow returning for one more match at WrestleMania? Who knows, maybe he’ll show up at Night Of Champions. Until we get more information, only one thing’s for sure: