‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Thanked The Internet For All Its Glorious 3/16 Tweets

If you were on the internet at all on Thursday, you might have been aware of a preponderance of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin tweets, GIFs, Facebook posts, Snapchat snaps, Tout tunts, Woozle wozzles, Jib-Jabs, and Jub-Jubs. That’s because Thursday was March 16, and so it was 3:16 Day, because things can’t ever just be dates in 2017.

Here’s just a smattering of the 3:16 Day pictures, GIFs and tweets that went out from WWE personalities new and old, and pro wrestlers you probably already know and love and/or hate for either real or character reasons. And also a couple of fans. (And also CFO$.)

And it took until the very end of the day on 3/16, but the man himself finally took a moment to weigh in on Twitter. And yes, he had seen all of your cool tweets. And yes, he deeply appreciated them.

Well … he either appreciated them, or he just announced that he’s about to go on a Jay and Silent BobStrike Back-style rampage where he goes door-to-door, meting out violent justice on anyone who dared to celebrate HIS day publicly. Those are the two ways to interpret that tweet, I believe.

Good job, everyone. See you at International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Or maybe we celebrate 4:20 Day with Rob Van Dam GIFs. Who even knows anymore? Anyway, March the 17th be with you.