The Wrestling Episode: ‘Steven Universe’ Gets Over As A Heel

Cartoon Network

The Wrestling Episode is our cleverly-named feature wherein we watch non-wrestling shows with wrestling episodes and try to figure out what the hell’s going on in them. You’d be surprised how many there are. You can watch these episodes on Hulu here and here. If you have any suggestions on shows that need to be featured in The Wrestling Episode, let us know in our comments section below.

I’ve Never Heard Of Steven Universe. What is it?

It’s kind of a superhero show, kind of a sci-fi show, very much a coming-of-age story, and probably the gayest children’s cartoon ever made. (So far.)

Steven Universe is an adolescent boy whose father was a human, but his mother was a superheroic alien named Rose Quartz, the leader of the Crystal Gems. Steven inherited his late mother’s powers and is being raised and taught to use them by the other three Crystal Gems: Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst.

Together they defend the world from monsters, while also dealing with the rulers of their home planet, who want them dead and still wouldn’t mind conquering the Earth. Pearl is over-protective and anxious, and still more than a little sad because she was in love with Rose Quartz. Garnet is powerful, level-headed, and usually soft-spoken. Amethyst is the youngest, and often rebellious and self-destructive.

All of these characters have secrets (especially Garnet), and there’s a lot of details I’m leaving out here. On the off chance that you haven’t watched Steven Universe, I’m not going to spoil it for you, because you really should.

Steven Universe is currently on hiatus and in the midst of its 5th Season. Cartoon Network can be a little unpredictable with when they air it, but in the meantime you can catch up on Hulu.