Sting Revealed The Origins Of The Scorpion Deathlock


All wrestlers have finishing moves with distinctive names that fit their gimmicks, but we all know that most of them resemble somebody else’s move somewhere, a fact is rarely a coincidence. When it comes to WCW legend Sting and his Scorpion Deathlock hold, it’s often discussed in terms of its resemblance to Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter. But of course, it’s a kind of hold that predates either man’s career.

During a recent appearance on Bill Apter’s podcast, the aptly named Apter Chat, Sting explained exactly who he got the move from and when.

I was fortunate enough in those early days, while I was still with Bill Watts, Baba from Japan wanted me to come do a show,” Sting said. “Bill sent me to Japan and there was a wrestler named Riki Choshu. He used that hold and I went ‘oh, I like that’ and so then the scorpion kinda popped in all at the same time and attempting to brand myself.

Riki Choshu, for anyone who doesn’t know him, is indeed a veteran Japanese wrestler who’s been active since 1974, although he’s semi-retired now. He held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and the IWGP Tag Team Championship three times each. If you’re going to borrow somebody’s moves to build your career, he’s not a bad choice at all.

You can read more about Sting’s talk with Apter on, or just listen to the whole podcast. Also, you can always get your fix of Sting and his friends and foes in the Best and Worst of Monday Nitro.

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