Here’s A 2008 Video Of Sting Explaining Why He’d Never Go To The WWE (Hint: It’s The Rock’s Fault)

So apparently Sting showed up at Survivor Series last night. It was all of our hopes and dreams until Bret Hart came out and stopped the bell from ringing after a totally normal Nick Patrick count. That’s how it happened, right?

For people like myself who swore by Sting in the 90s, this has been a long time coming and a moment we never thought we’d see. Especially after this interview he did in 2008 explaining why he didn’t want to go to WWE.

A couple of things to keep in mind, thought:

1) This interview took place while Sting was in TNA so it’s what you’re supposed to say unless your name is Kurt Angle.

2) I have no clue what this moment is he’s talking about. I’m pretty sure he got some moments wrong because below is Booker T and The Rock’s first meeting. It went down a little differently, though Rock does treat Booker T pretty dismissively through the whole segment.

Either way, I’m glad Sting changed his mind because I shed a thug tear last night watching Sting in a WWE ring for the first time and I’m not ashamed to say it.