WCW Legend And WWE Hall Of Famer Sting Says He’s Not Officially Retired

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03.21.16 11 Comments
sting not retired

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Last week, TMZ reported that WCW legend and WWE hopeful (?) Sting would be forced to officially retire from wrestling due to the cervical spinal stenosis he suffered in his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015. The rumor was that the retirement was planned as part of his WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech over WrestleMania weekend.

Good news for anyone clinging to that Sting vs. The Undertaker dream match: the Stinger says those reports were premature, and that his career’s not officially over yet. From TMZ (note: the original video was posted here, but appears to have been taken down):

“My neck is okay. I’m not officially retired. There’s a lot of rumors out there, but I’m not officially retired.”

To put it another way,

A comeback for Sting, however brief, would be one of the best stories of the year. A guy with Sting’s legendary credibility needs a better final run than losing most of his matches, beating The Big Show on Raw, and then barely being able to finish a match with Seth Rollins due to injury. Even if you kept Sting on the sidelines healing up until a big, final blowoff, it’d be the kind of moment he deserved. Not that cutting a sledgehammer in half with a baseball bat didn’t have its charm.

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