Sting Says Vince McMahon Told Him Going To TNA Would Tarnish His Legacy

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10.03.18 17 Comments

Up until 2014, Sting had about as strong of a case as anyone for being the greatest wrestler to never appear in a WWE ring. That ultimately changed during a brief run from 2014-15, but ultimately, his time as an in-ring performer with the company was short and he retired upon getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame … although a potential match with himself and The Undertaker might throw a monkey wrench into his retirement.

Sting’s most well known, of course, for his time in WCW, but after his run with the promotion came to an end, he didn’t head right to WWE. Instead, Sting opted to join TNA, where he spent more than a decade before joining Vince McMahon and co. As it turns out, McMahon knew that Sting heading to TNA was coming, and according to Stinger, he tried to talk him out of this decision by saying TNA would hurt his legacy.

Sting spoke to The Apter Chat and gave a look into McMahon’s reaction to learning Sting — who had turned down WWE in the past — would join TNA. Understandably, McMahon wasn’t especially happy about the arrangement.

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