It’s Official: Seth Rollins Will Face Sting At WWE Night Of Champions

If you’ve been wondering where WCW legend Sting has been, last night’s Raw answered the question: He’s been hanging out on a statue platform with his facepaint melting off, waiting to get the jump on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

After a show-ending attack, WWE made it official. Seth Rollins will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the Stinger at WWE’s Night of Champions event in Houston on September 20.


Making his first appearance since WrestleMania — where he lost to Triple H after The Game struck him with a sledgehammer — The Icon not only dropped Rollins on Raw, but he also picked up the treasured WWE World Heavyweight Championship and stared down The Game, making his objective abundantly clear.

A six-time WCW World Champion, Sting has never before challenged for a title in WWE, let alone the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but he has been a recurring threat to The Authority. Starting with his WWE debut at last year’s Survivor Series — during which he helped oust Triple H & Stephanie from power, albeit briefly—and culminating with his ruining of Rollins’ celebration, Sting has repeatedly made his presence felt.

In case you missed Raw, here’s the sneak attack, followed by the match announcement. I guess the only question now is, “what happened to the statue?”