Ric Flair And Steve Austin Think Sting Should Have Won At WrestleMania 31

Steve Austin showed up on a recent episode of WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair to talk about what everyone wants to talk about these days… just how great Triple H is. Well, mostly.

Austin and Flair joined the Old Dude Solidarity club, and while Austin insists that everyone loves Triple H, he just couldn’t believe bringing Sting to WWE just to lose to him and his friends:

I thought, ‘man, you bring Sting in here and you beat him?’ Man, do something where it looks like you’re going to do the screwjob, but then something happens and [Sting] goes over on Triple H, who we all love. If you’re going to bring Sting in, put him over.

Flair agreed, saying “I didn’t like that myself.” As it turns out, Flair’s WrestleMania fantasy booking would have put Sting against Kane instead of the leader of the Authority.

Who else does Flair fantasy book at WrestleMania?

Now that I’ve seen this other kid, Kevin Owens — Kevin Owens who is a legitimate heel — would be a great opponent for [Sting] in Dallas. Owens has enough steam on him now and he actually is a heel.

With the current storyline in WWE, it seems a bit of a stretch to get from Point A — Triple H is cooler and better and smarter than everyone else (and even Old Man Sting agrees) to Point B — Kevin Owens vs. Sting, but hey. It’s still nice to know that Ric Flair’s spends as much time thinking of outlandish WWE scenarios as the rest of us.