Steve Austin Had Some Serious Praise For The Microphone Skills Of One WWE Superstar

06.19.17 9 months ago 2 Comments


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin knows a thing or two about being charismatic and running your mouth. He arguably did both better than anyone else in pro wrestling history. Austin and many other veterans have for years now been decrying what they feel are the overly-scripted promos that have littered the WWE landscape ever since the Ruthless Aggression Era.

That’s why it may come as a surprise to you that one of Austin’s favorite people on the stick right now is none other than the most hype-making man himself, Mojo Rawley.

On a recent episode of his Unleashed podcast, Austin took a moment to sing the praises of Rawley, who has been making the most of his scant television time over on Smackdown Live.

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