Stone Cold Steve Austin Says Goldberg Is ‘Full Of Sh*t’ For Saying He Didn’t Drink All Those Beers

On Monday, the pro wrestling world was forever turned on its ear when former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg accused WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin of not actually drinking beer during his post-match “beer bash” celebrations. It’d be akin to saying Hulk Hogan isn’t a real American, or that Ric Flair doesn’t know what “woo” means.

On Tuesday, TMZ managed a followup stop-and-bother with Austin himself, and asked him about Goldberg’s revelation. Austin’s response? That Goldberg is “full of sh*t.”

Stone Cold explains:

“About 50 percent of that beer went in, about 50 percent of it went on, that’s the showbiz part of it. There have been many times I left the ring and had a pretty good buzz. And, if you go back and see Bill again, ask him because Bill is not a drinker. And so I got him drunk in the ring a few times.”

He then suggests that TMZ organize a “beer drinking session” for him and Goldberg, so he can prove his beer-drinking superiority (and sell some Stone Cold beer, available on Friday). According to Austin, Goldberg doesn’t have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of beating him in a drinking contest. I look forward to the next update, in which Goldberg soundly defeats Hugh Morrus in a drinking contest to prove he’s ready.

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