Stone Cold Steve Austin Says He Cried ‘Four, Five, Six Times’ At Jake The Snake’s Documentary

If you need an endorsement for the upcoming documentary The Resurrection of Jake The Snake and need to know whether or not it’ll be an emotional experience, look no further than this clip from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In it, Austin gives the film his strongest recommendation, saying he watched it twice and cried half a dozen times.

“I watched this movie twice, and I’m the toughest SOB that ever stomped a mudhole and walked it dry in the history of the WWE, and there’s about four, five, six times in this movie, tears in my eyes, I dare say one time on rolled down my cheek. It touched my heart and my soul.”

He also calls it the “best documentary I’ve ever seen in my life,” which makes me hope Austin’s a huge documentary buff and spends his days off watching old Errol Morris films. IF YOU THINK GATES OF HEAVEN IS ONE OF THE 10 BEST MOVIES EVER MADE, GIMME A HELL YEAH.

If you’re interested in seeing The Resurrection of Jake The Snake, it’s currently touring cities across the country. If you get a chance, check it out. If it made Steve Austin cry, it’ll probably turn you into a sobby mess.