Stone Cold Steve Austin Wishes WCW Was Still Around, And So Do We

On a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke about the importance of competition in wrestling, and how much better he feels current WWE would be if there was a legitimate contender nipping at their heels.

From the show:

”First of all, I think competition is paramount. I wish there was another WCW around. It was so fun back in the Monday Night Wars, to go head-to-head with those guys. They were pulling out everything but the kitchen sink. We were doing the same, and they kicked our ass in the ratings for about two years. Then, we turned the tables on them. The product was at its absolute best or was at least striving to be from a writing and performance standpoint and from a storytelling standpoint.

So competition is key. WWE is the holy grail. It is the major leagues. It always has been. And WCW put up a valid fight back in the day. Back in the day, I was in WCW fighting WWF! So competition is king. I wish there was another federation for WWE.”

You might not have been able to tell by the thousands of words we write about a 20-year old show every week, but With Spandex is a very pro-WCW establishment. We wish it was still around for a lot of reasons, but anything that could light a fire under WWE’s ass and make them less complacent and sure of themselves all the time would be appreciated.

Here’s a little classic WCW Stunning Steve for you.