Here’s What May Cause Stone Cold Steve Austin To Boycott WrestleMania 32

I don’t know how many times I have to say it: Ric Flair’s podcast is a weekly miracle that sprinkles our noses with joy and glory. This week, he had on Michael “P.S.” Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds, and while they traded great, fascinating stories as usual, it was the introduction that really caught my attention.

Flair, when introducing Hayes, mentioned that he should definitely be in the WWE Hall of Fame in Dallas next year. He went even further by saying Stone Cold would not be at WrestleMania if Hayes isn’t inducted:

If he’s not inducted this year into the Hall of Fame… in Dallas, with all he did for the Freebirds down there — I’m quoting Steve Austin — he will not attend WrestleMania.

Steve Austin has gone on record damn near every week saying that he wants Hayes to be in the Hall of Fame, and Dallas is the perfect place. There’s been speculation that Hayes’ relationship to the Confederate flag might delay his induction, but it seems like this is his year. Now that Austin has put his foot down and is still in the cards for a possible match with Brock Lesnar, I can’t imagine Michael Hayes getting left out.

Unless people google “Michael Hayes Mark Henry.”