‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s 2013 Defense Of Same Sex Marriage Is Intense

While some people prefer to offer up their opinions on a topic as heated as same sex marriage in a delicate and well-thought-out manner, WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin likes to be just as brash and foul-mouthed as he was when we was one bad ass world champion. Because a lot of people either weren’t listening or simply didn’t take him seriously, Austin’s incredible rant about same sex marriage from last July went largely unnoticed until today, and now everyone can’t get enough of this segment from his podcast.

The man whose real name is Steven James Anderson not only declared that he’s all for same sex marriage (or “any human being in the got-damn world who wants to get married, if it’s the same sex, more power to ‘em”) but he really dug in on people who are against same sex marriage, and specifically religious activists.

What also chaps my ass, some of these churches have the high horse that they get on and say, “We as a church do not believe in that.” Which one of these mother*ckers talked to God and God said that same-sex marriage was a no-can-do? Can you verify? Can you give me some background on that 411?

Sure, it’s old, and you might have listened to it already, but it’s still a hell of a rant. If anything, let this be a reminder that everyone needs to go subscribe to Austin’s podcast immediately.