Move Over, Everyone Else: Supercop Dick Justice Is Your New Favorite Tough Enough Contestant

Last week, Brandon threw down and declared that Keith Apicary is the only Tough Enough contestant you should care about. While I do love hyperbole literally more than anyone else in the universe, I’m gonna politely disagree. Because what says TOUGH and also ENOUGH like a little thing called America?

Supercop Dick Justice may not have fancy celebrity guest stars or get hit in the head nearly as much, but he’s got heart, he’s got skill, he’s got a gun, and he sometimes knows how to use it!

Come on, WWE! Give this Cobra Commander-defeating, Old Glory sunglass-wearing, all-American real American a chance. I mean, I may be Canadian, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the Constitution. Somewhere towards the bottom. Look, it’s in National Treasure, and if you don’t fact-check me, you’ll know that I’m right. The bottom line is that saying no to Dick Justice means saying no to apple pie, to baseball, to bald eagles, and to Rock & Roll.