Picking Our Ideal Halloween Costumes For WWE Superstars

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Happy Halloween, kittens! It’s the most wonderful time of year for people like myself and fellow With Spandex resident Elle Collins, so being the huge goober nerds we are, we decided to sit down, exercise our already-wild imaginations, and have a little seasonal fun. So please, take a break from hot-gluing sparkles on your last-minute Halloween costumes, and join us as we put our expertise to good use and pick which costumes would best suit some of our favourite WWE Superstars.

Danielle: Now, before we get started, it’s important to note that we tried to avoid going too obvious, like say, Miz as Biff Tannen, or Enzo as those inexplicably sexy lady scrub brushes.

Elle: Or Finn Bálor as Venom.

Danielle: Touché. Since you’re the comics expert, you had to cast at least one Superstar as a superhero though, yeah?

Elle: Honestly, it was hard not to do a whole list of superhero costumes. After all, wrestlers look more like superheroes than just about anybody else. But I limited myself to one, the superhero/Superstar match-up I’d most like to see:

Nikki Cross as Wolverine

If you haven’t been reading Marvel Comics, you might not know that for the last couple of years the main Wolverine hasn’t been Logan, but his cloned daughter Laura. She’s a lot like him: short, stocky, long claws, questionable social skills, prone to violent rages. In other words, she’s basically Nikki Cross already. All Nikki needs is the blue and yellow costume (not all that different from her pre-Sanity NXT ring gear) and some claws, and she’s ready to protect a world that hates and fears her. But let’s make sure the claws are plastic — we wouldn’t want her to get carried away.

Danielle: Yeah, the idea of giving Nikki actual claws is almost as terrifying as her without them, to be honest.

Elle: Well you know, Killian Dain usually seems to be the best at restraining her, so maybe we can just paint him blue and he can chaperone as the Beast.

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