Swerved Might Be Cancelled, Plus More WWE Network Notes

Recent financial updates out of WWE have revealed some insight on the WWE Network, and there might be some bad news on the horizon if you’re a fan of Swerved, their hidden-camera prank show. Rumors from a variety of sources, including Cageside Seats, suggest that the show may not have been picked up for new episodes, which comes as a real blow to people who enjoy Dean Ambrose casually swearing out of surprise. The chatter indicates that a lot of the WWE talent was not happy with the show and its content, which doesn’t terribly surprise me. If I’m spending 300 days out of the year on the road in near-constant pain, the last thing I’d want is the lingering threat of jump-scares at the catering table.

On the positive side, WWE’s second-quarter earnings report (which can be found here) lists new content on the Network for 2015, and some of it sounds pretty interesting. Highlights include:

  • A reality series “following the stars of NXT as they strive to make it to WWE’s main roster.” If this is anything like the extended Finn Bálor profile that went up before Beast in the East, I am all in. Imagine an in-depth look at someone like Uhaa Nation. I really just want Akira Tozawa footage on WWE programming, but more origin stories, please and thank you.
  • Table for 3, a reality series that “gives viewers a seat at the table with our superstars and divas.” So, basically just Jon Favreau’s Dinner for Five, but with a few wrestlers and a randomly selected fan? Might be cool. Honestly, I just want Dinner for Five back. Where else are you going to see Seth MacFarlane tell Tony Hawk about rejected Family Guy gags?
  • A studio show “highlighting current events in the world of WWE and beyond.” Sounds like a WWE version of SportsCenter. Not a bad idea.
  • And, yes, more vintage episodes of Raw and Monday Nitro are coming. And that means more Vintage Best and Worsts! Everyone’s happy!

Also, WWE plans on rolling out three-month subscription cards for the Network at some point. Good news for anyone who’s off the grid as far as credit cards go. Soon, you’ll be able to go to the grocery store, find the rack with all the Applebee’s and iTunes gift cards, and pick up a few months of access. Truly, we are living in the future.