Take A Few Minutes And Get Inspired By Pro Wrestling’s Handicapped Heroes

If you’ve been watching WWE for a while, you’ll remember Zach Gowen. He’s the kid who lost his leg to cancer when he was 8 and made it all the way to the big leagues, where he was seduced by Sable and hurled down a flight of steps by The Beast Incarnate. If you follow the independent circuit you’ll probably recognize Gregory Iron. He was born with cerebral palsy that affects the right side of his body, but he hasn’t let it stop him from living his dream. Together they tag as “The Handicapped Heroes,” and this video’s a pretty damn good explanation of why that’s important.

It’s almost 13 minutes long, but it’s worth your time. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here, from the value of putting a handicapped logo on your wrestling trunks to Greg and Zach’s first meeting, which didn’t go as planned. It’s inspiring stuff, and one of those things that makes you take a step back and say, “oh, maybe I’ve been causing all my own problems, and maybe I should stop letting them get in the way of my life.”

It’ll also make you go back and watch that Brock Lesnar video I linked, so it’s a win-win. Check it out, and share it around. Pro wrestling could use a little more positivity.