Emma Shows Off Her PB&J-Making Skills In The Second Episode Of ‘Taste Of Tenille’

As we showed you last week, WWE’s Emma (real name, Tenille Dashwood) now has a YouTube cooking show, because, well, when you’re in Emma’s position on the card, a backup career probably isn’t the worst idea. Last week on “Taste of Tenille,” we learned how to make cheesy egg muffins, and this week, we’re tackling French toast peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Now, it may seem like “Taste of Tenille” has already abandoned its “healthy eating” mission statement, but you’d be wrong, because Emma has access to a truly astounding array of weird, processed, “healthy” versions of usually unhealthy ingredients. First, rather than regular eggs, you’re going to need cake batter-flavored Muscle Egg, which comes in a container usually reserved for windshield washer fluid.

All the healthiest foods come in gallon jugs. 

To that, add Stevia for sweetening, 45-calorie Sara Lee bread, sodium-free peanut butter and sugar-free, fiber-added jelly. I have to say, this is a fascinating window into what healthy, attractive people eat. As a project, I should make the shlubby person, real food versions of all of Emma’s recipes. Cover that pan with butter and break out the sourdough and chunky PB. And motherf*cker, I’m putting yolks in my French toast coating.

Still, even with all the mutant ingredients, the final result looks pretty good…

I think this peanut butter and jelly combination might catch on.

All in all, an improvement over last week’s episode. Fewer weird looks off camera, and Emma’s jokes were more lovably awkward than uncomfortably awkward. I look forward to next week when Emma makes s’mores out of sugar-free chocolate and mallow-free marshmallows.

via Taste of Tenille